We would like to invite you to our Finissage on Saturday 23 July2022, 7pm

Adress: Koloniestraße 120, (google maps), 13359 Berlin Wedding


Überlebende | Survivors
Finissage 23.07.2022

Janne Martola

Zeichnungen | drawings


Catherine Lorent

Zeichnungen | drawings

More Infos: http://www.galerietoolbox.com/uberlebende-survivors-24-06-23-07-2022/


And we would like to inform you about an artist talk in Kunstverein Teirgarten | Galerie Nord

on Wednesday 20 July 2022, 7pm

No woman no cry? Doing gender in art business
Artist talk and discussion with Catherine Lorent, Birgit Effinger and Veronika Witte (in German)


Galerie Nord

Kunstverein Tiergarten
Turmstraße 75
Berlin 10551


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