Galerie TOOLBOX — about us

About us

Galerie TOOLBOX is a new gallery in Berlin, in the locality of Mitte, and it addresses social questions by means of visual arts. It is a cooperative of seven Finnish modern artists, who have a long experience as art professionals.

Art is a method of communication in social world, where the meaning of experiences is always abstract on some level, and to pass along these experiences requires diverse techniques and forms of art. The power of art is in its capability to transmit social experiences, that help us to learn, to broaden our thinking, to share experiences and to have discussions.

If the commercial view is solely emphasized when considering the contents of art, then art is regarded only as a source of livelihood, bound by the logic of merchandise. The works of art must comply with the ideas of social consumption, not with the thinking that criticizes it and creates new propositions. Hence, the commercial way of thinking restricts art's possibilities to work as a tool of social discussion and communication. Commercial products are planned and adapted to act as a means of commercial benefit and not to work through social criticism. Commercial products try to please as wide a mass of society as possible.

Our opening exhibition deals with the changing European society and its social problems: isolation, alienation, solitude and indifference. The seven founding members of the gallery are represented in the exhibition with sculpture, paintings, drawings and video art.

The artist members are Maija Helasvuo, Minna Jatkola, Mika Karhu, Jukka Lehtinen, Niina Räty, Juha Sääski, Matti Vainio and Sampsa Indrén

Our address is Novalisstrasse 7, Berlin (Mitte)