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In this cold hell I think of you

Jyrki Riekki & Aarno Rankka

paintings, sculpture, installation

Video: Emil Holmer

Welcome: Vernissage / Opening: Friday / Freitag 23.02.2018, 7pm

Opening Music-Set: The Nuutti Kataja Experiment

Öffnungszeiten Kolonie-Weekend / Friday 7–10pm, Sunday 2-6pm
Ausstellungsdauer / Exhibition open: 24.02.–17.03.2018
Öffnungszeiten/ Opening hours: Wed-Sa 3-7pm

The artists Jyrki Riekki and Aarno Rankka unveil a visual world of ruthlessness of human existence, revealing the impact of the choices we make on each other and the world we inhabit. Riekki’s vivid paintings leave their haunting presence lingering in the mind of the viewer obsessed with questions looking for answers; Their holistic manifestation challenges viewers to experience their reality. Rankka’s sculptures investigate the identity of a human being. The core of his art is in questioning and deconstructing the illusions created by the machinery of structural violence. Both artists strive to find the “Authority of the Truth,” rather than the inverse thereof.

In our modern, western society we share in an illusion of subjective freedom and right of self-determined identity devoid of given norms. One is left to forge their own identity and overcome the consequences. This freedom comes with countless opportunities where each success produces an increasingly empty, lonely, and shattered experience of our existence.

The freedom of illusion brings with it discontent with seemingly no common solutions. We are being told, that norms to rebel against no longer exist. Criticising the society has become self-criticism pointed towards one’s own life-choices. This criticism is done by us not as citizens, but as individual consumers. The ethical and political discourse emphasises human rights instead of justice. Based on this, social institutions tend to let the individuals provide their own specifications and identity, while the logic of capitalism – of ownership and independence – is a clear ideological strategy poised to increase inequality and suffering. The exposition expresses this decomposition of identities, and individualist patologism in a most honest way.

DR. Mika Karhu

An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen
On Bank holidays Toolbox is closed



Sound Scapes & Soundportraits 1

Gratkowski / Tramontana “Instant Songs”

Saturday / Samstag 17 March 2018:, doors 8pm

Introduction: Carl Wilkens

“Instant Songs” is the term with which Sebastiano Tramontana and Frank Gratkowski describe the music played in their duo performances. The music is improvised but sounds very composed and each piece has its own unique character.

Some of them have beautiful melodies, others include the voices of the players or use extended techniques like multiphonics and noise. Some are very romantic, some very abstract. But it’s all about the musical dialogue and the instant composition of songs. What both players love in their duo is that the music is very different from the other projects they are involved in.

Soundscapes & Soundportraits is a project by Harri Sjöström

More infos: www.soundscapesberlin.de

Special thanks:

inm ( initiative neue musik berlin e.V.)





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