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And Words at Night

Exhibition with works by
Mika Karhu (video)

Toolbox Kabinett: Jan Bejšovec (textile art)

Opening Times: Mi–Sa 15-19 h

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Mika Karhu

“Thoughtlessness – carefree indifference, hopeless confusion or complacent repetition of ‘truths’ turned flat and empty – seems to be the most striking character of our time […] I suggest something very simple, not more than that we think about what we do.”
Hannah Arendt


Jan Bejšovec

Jan Bejšovec (*30.06.1975, Freiberg/Sa.) is a German artist whose work is dedicated to the textile arts and contains in addition to pictures, installations and objects. The main subject of his art revolves around political or historical issues. Jan Bejšovec lives and works in Berlin.

Jan Bejšovec


Dr. Goebbels
40 x 30 cm
appliqués and hand-embroidery on stretcher frame

The German-Jewish photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt succeeded in revealing a portrait of the notorious National Socialist in Geneva in 1933 during a visit by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels to the League of Nations in Geneva. Goebbels fixed the photographer full of hatred and thereby lost his bourgeois mask for a moment.

Through the strong abstraction of the original photo and the reduction to his face, Goebbels hateful gaze is further accentuated in the textile image. The reduction to a few sharp-edged shapes and the contrast of black and white sharpen the image‘s message. Hand-embroidered surfaces create an additional profile depth on the superimposed textile applications.


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