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Exhibition: Killer on the beach (Fi) Opening: Friday, December 30, 2016, 7 pm


Killer on the beach

Reijo Kärkkäinen

Vernissage / Opening: Freitag / Friday 30.12.2016, 19 Uhr 
Öffnungszeiten Kolonie-Wochenende / Opening times on the Kolonie Weekend: Ist die Toolbox geschlossen/Toolbox is closed 
Ausstellungsdauer / Exhibition open: 30.12 - 21.01.2017
Öffnungszeiten/ Opening hours: Di-Sa / Tue-Sat 14-18 Uhr

An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen
On Bank holidays Toolbox is closed


"Drawing is thinking – mostly chaos. Sometimes I'm happily surprised: Did I really created that."


Reijo Kärkkäinen (b.1964) is a Finnish artist who graduated as Bachelor of Arts from University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. Kärkkäinen is a multidisciplinary visual artist, whose work ranges from paintings, graphics, installations, photographs to comics and illustrations. He works also together with the French arthouse Le Dernier Cri (http://www.lederniercri.org/). The Artist lives and works in Kuopio.

Reijo Kärkkäinen studies drawing and painting in his work, both text and image boundaries and the mutual interaction. Performing take turns an abstract expression, and a drawing line finds the painting. Kärkkäinen coordinates different points of view, in which the seriousness meets the satire and popular culture is toying with the traditional expression of art. Associations collide and cruise with each other, and when the crash generated in the right circumstances, there will be life.

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Killer on the beach



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