• Possessed – Simo Ripatti | Patrick Huber 28.7.–24.8.2024

    Simo Ripatti (Fi) and Patrick Huber (Berlin) in Toolbox.

    Opening: 26. 7. 2024, 7pm, you#re welcome!

    Exhibition 28.7.–24.8.2024

    Simo Ripatti
    Possessed, 2023

    The work describes observation based on memory and how continuous observation of new things affects the memory image reliability. The starting point is my thoughts on the contingencies of existence and events and how they meet one’s own understanding and thereby form a point of view. Formed through this the point of view also determines how the memory is colored and how long you can consider the memory reliable.
    Perception is the basis for connecting to reality, but only comparing to memory, memory and perception questioning and conscious thinking form a reliable experience. In my opinion, it is in many ways the characteristic that defines the experience of this work.

    Patrick Huber

    Drawings and Objects

    Patrick Huber: Füßeln – from the series “Techtelmechtel”wood, wax, approx 100 x 40 cm

    Opening hours: Wed–Sat 3–7 pm

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