Poster Sampsa

Natural Thing | 31.3.–13.4.2017

Sampsa Indrén, Finland Drawings Welcome: Vernissage / Opening: Freitag / Friday 31.03.2017, 19 Uhr Öffnungszeiten Kolonie-Weekend / Sunday 2-6pm Ausstellungsdauer / Exhibition open: 31.03 – 17.04.2017 Öffnungszeiten/ Opening hours: Mi-Sa Tue-Fr 2-6pm,  Sa-Su: 12-6pm An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen On Bank holidays Toolbox is closed… Read more


Geradewohl | 24.2.–23.03.2017

Abstrakte Zeichnungen (Gruppenausstellung) Alex Lebus, Alexander Klenz, Andreas Koletzki, Anna Leonhardt, Arne Schreiber, Barbara Hindahl, Elisabeth Rosenthal, Florian Japp, Hanna Hennenkemper, Ilona Kálnoky, Kazuki Nakahara, Lawrence Power, Nadine Fecht, Stefan Vogel, Stig Baumgartner, Yasmin Alt Kuratiert von Alex Klenz Vernissage / Opening: Freitag / Friday 24.02.2017,… Read more


Liminal | 27.1.–18.2.2017

Visual artists from Germany and Sweden approach the topic of Liminality. Vernissage / Opening: Freitag / Friday 27.01.2017, 18 Uhr Öffnungszeiten Kolonie-Weekend / Sunday 2-6pm Ausstellungsdauer / Exhibition open: 27.01 – 18.02.2017 Öffnungszeiten/ Opening hours: Mi-Sa / Wed-Sat 2-6pm Finissage: Friday, 17.2. 5pm An Feiertagen ist… Read more


Killer on the beach
30.12 – 21.01.2017

Drawings – Reijo Kärkkäinen Drawing is thinking – mostly chaos. Sometimes I’m happily surprised: Did I really created that. Vernissage / Opening: Freitag / Friday 30.12.2016, 19 Uhr Öffnungszeiten Kolonie-Wochenende / Opening times on sylvester: ist die Toolbox geschlossen/Toolbox is closed Ausstellungsdauer / Exhibition open: 3.1 – 21.01.2017 Öffnungszeiten/… Read more

Tecla Gato

Tecla Gato feat. Hui-Chun Lin
12.1 at 8.30pm

Tecla Gato is formed by musicians from different generations of the improv scene in Buenos Aires. The concept suggested by their improvisations proposes the mixture of acoustic instruments with the addition of sound objects, electronics and processed voices. They often utilize in their performances graphic… Read more