Film students poster

Video Works | 28.10–26.11.2023

Aalto university, Finland Students of the Department of Film Opening: 27.10 at 7pm Exhibition: 29.10–25.11.2023 Kolonie Weekend: Open on Sun 29.10.2023 from 2–6pm Julius Repo Venla Monni James Coker Hilla Tykkyläinen Suvi Hänninen Sameli Muurimäki Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX Koloniestraße 120 13359 Berlin-Wedding U-Bahn Osloerstraße Opening Times:… Read more

Contact | 25.8.–23.9.2023

Niina Räty (painting and drawing), Maija Helasvuo (wood sculptures) Opening: Fri 25 August 2023, 7pm 25.8.-23.9.2023 Opening hours: Wed-Sat 3pm-7pm Closed on bank holidays Maija Helasvuo My sculptures shown in the exhibition were created in memory of my deceased relatives. In the old Finnish belief,… Read more



Chornobyl Dreams Symposium: conversations on photography, borders, landscape, and imagination Start: Sun 30.07.2023, 4pm The new exhibitions at the Galerie Toolbox: The Rock and The Tower (30.07.–19.08.23) display the installations of Karen Koltermann (GER) from the Gorham Caves in Gibraltar and the multimedia installation by… Read more

Foto KAren Koltermann

The Rock

Karen Koltermann, Installation In September 2018, Karen Koltermann took part in one of the rare guided tours to Gorham´s Cave complex in Gibraltar as part of her artists’ residency at Lichtenberg Studios. In the Gallery Toolbox, Karen Koltermann will now show the installation “The Rock,”… Read more

Mika KArhu, Toolbox

Mindless obedience is the worst crime 01.–23.07.2023

Drawing installation: Stumpfsinniger Gehorsam ist das schlimmste Verbrechen Artists: Sampsa Indrén, Finland, Henrik Jacob, Germany, Mika Karhu, Finland Opening: 28.06.2023, 7pm 01.–23.07.2023 Mi–Sa 15–19 Uhr Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX Koloniestraße 120 13359 Berlin-Wedding U-Bahn Osloerstraße Wed– Sat 3–7pm An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen On Bank holidays… Read more