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Nadja Schöllhammer

Juha Säski, Nadja Schöllhammer 28.4.–25.5.2024

Juha Sääski
Joyful light and gloomy shadows

Nadja Schöllhammer
Human Tangle

28.4.-25.5. 2024

Opening on Friday 26.4. 2024, 19-21

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin Wedding
we-sat 3-7 pm
U Bahn Osloerstraße

Juha Sääski Artwork
Mortality is elsewhere, mixed media on paper (watercolour, acrylic, colouring pencil, drawing charcoal on paper), 40 x 60 cm, 2022

Juha Sääski is showing a collection of mixed-media works, which are dealing with lights and shadows of human life. Mixed media in this case means: : acrylic color, watercolor, colouring pencil, drawing charcoal, pencil on paper.

The starting point for this theme was an own experience of the fragile dividing line between life and death. The works are shared in two parts, the larger area is filled with colorful and happy world of life, the smaller area shows black and white and cold shadows of death.
Sääski uses cliche-like, naive , happy and sad contradicting elements and some humoristic tools. In combining tragic-comical and contradicting elements he is striving to describe the paradoxes, the fragility and the beauty of human life.
According to Charlie Chaplin: ”Life is tragic at close up, but comedy from distance”.

Juha Sääski is a finnish artist, born in Helsinki 1952, living and working at west-south of Finland. He has exhibited mostly in Finland but also internationally, in Berlin in several solo shows and in several group exhibitions and in Germany also for instance in Galerie Nord, Nuremberg, Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz and Kunstverein & Kunsthaus Viernheim. Sääski has also participated exhibitions in UK, USA, Sweden, Italy and Estonia. More information and CV at homepages: and also

artwork Nadja Schöäälammer

Ghosts at work (I)

Nadja Schöllhammer: “Ghosts at work (I)”, 2011/2024, 
Paper, cut-outs, newspaper fragments, hot glue, Indian ink, wood, eggshell and plant parts, 
53 x 72 x 20 cm
photo and © Nadja Schöllhammer

Nadja Schöllhammer – Human Tangle

Nadja Schöllhammer invents methods of expanded drawing. At Toolbox Gallery, she is showing a selection of drawings and paper assemblages. Schöllhammer is interested in the mutability of human consciousness and the connection between individual and collective existence. In her group of works “Human Tangle”, she develops graphic transformations of human body forms. Using pencil, cutter knive, hot glue and Indian ink, she explores the material paper and thus creates a structure in which the individual bodies are integrated into a larger organism.
She describes her approach as follows: “By expanded drawing, I approach a condition that seems impossible in so-called reality: a parallel world in which the (supposed) boundaries between human/animal/plant, male/female, beautiful/ugly disappear. An alternative world to the usual hierarchies of perception and meaning, in which many things are possible at the same time and contradictions are overcome.”
Nadja Schöllhammer, born 1971 in Esslingen am Neckar (Germany), has shown her work in Germany and abroad, e.g. at Kunsthalle Tübingen, Galerie Nord/ Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin, Fengxian Museum, Shanghai, Marta Herford Museum, ARTER Istanbul, Arp Museum Rolandseck, Remagen and many more. She has received numerous grants and awards, including grants by Kunstfonds Bonn, Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral`s grant and art award, the Tokyo residency by Berlin Senate, DAAD travel grants for Colombia and Mexico, a grant by Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart, and many more. Since 2024, she holds a professorship for drawing at Hochschule Hannover. Schöllhammer lives and works in Berlin and Hannover. More information at

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

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