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Soundscapes & Soundportraits 1 | 22.1.2018

Montag / Monday 22 January 2018:  Concert, doors 8pm |

  • Matthias Bauer (contrabass)
  • Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone)
  • Dag Magnus Narvesen (drums)
  • Harri Sjöström (soprano & sopranino saxophone)
  • Phil Wachsmann (violine, electronics)

Live drawings: Lena Czerniawska

Welcome to our Soundscapes & Soundportraits Nr. 1: Live Improvisation, avant-garde, get-together, hear sounds you havn’t heard before in the  intimate atmosphere of Toolbox Finnish-German Art Space Berlin. |

Soundscapes is a project by Harri Sjöström

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