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Toolbox 6 years Party

TOOLBOX 6 Years Birthday Party

GOLDEN AGE-Festival 24.– 26.8.2018

Koloniestraße 120, 13359 Berlin-Wedding

Friday 24.8.

Starting 11:00

”Superpositio” collective drawing-collage-installation process, pop-up exhibition.

Artists: Maija Helasvuo, Mika Karhu, Juha Sääski, Niina Räty, Sampsa Indren, Minna Jatkola, Anssi Taulu. Kollektiivisen piirustus-kollaasi-tilateos yhteisteoksen valmistaminen (TOOLBOX-jäsenistö).


Live music:

Harri Sjöström and Emilio Gordoa duo

20:00  At the park near Galerie TOOLBOX:

Träumende Bäume

Uneksivat puut (Träumende Bäume)nykytanssia ja nukketeatteria yhdistelevä esitys (Puppentheater mit zeitgenössischem Tanz) joka pohjautuu Didier Comèsin sarjakuvaan Uneksivien puiden talo (Das auf Didier Come´s´Comic ”La Maison ou´revent les arbres” basierende Stuck. Performers from Helsinki and Tampere. Helsinkiläis-tamperelainen työryhmä. More information, Lisätietoa:

Das auf Didier Comès` Comic ” La Maison où rêvent les arbres (Das Haus, wo die Bäume
träumen) basierende Stück verbindet Puppentheater mit zeitgenössischem Tanz. Die
Inszenierung ist mit drei TänzerInnen, einer Puppenspielerin, einer Schauspielerin und einem
Musiker besetzt und verhandelt den Klimawandel, unsere Beziehung zum Wald und die
Macht der Albträume.
Die Bäume sind der Menschen überdrüssig geworden, und die Zeit der angenehmen Träume
ist vorbei. Früher verwandelten sich die Träume der Bäume etwa in Vögel oder
Schmetterlinge, doch aufgrund des unguten menschlichen Treibens sind die Träume nun
reine Albträume. Diese Albträume setzen sich zusammen aus uralten kollektiven
Erinnerungsstucken und greifen – puppenspielerisch dargestellt – als Raubtiere an,
Durch Bewegung, Tanz und verschiedene Radiofrequenzen hindurch entwickelt die
Inszenierung sich auf ihr ritualhaftes Ende zu. Aufführungssprachen sind englisch, deutsch
und finnisch.
Kosten- und barrierefreie Vorfuhrungen am Fr 24.8. und So. 26.8., jeweils 20 Uhr am
Kanalufer in Berlin-Wedding. Treffpunkt ist die Galerie Toolbox an der Koloniestraße 20.

Regie und Dramaturgie: Mira Laine, Choreografie: Mirva Keski-Vähälä / Darstellerinnen: Outi Ivaska, Heidi Suur-Hamari, Sini Peltola, Tommi Rikkinen, Petra Haapio, Riku-Pekka Kellokoski / Puppen und Masken: Anna Sucksdorff / Kostum: Reija Stenius / Musik, Komposition und Sound: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski / Licht: Jari Piitulainen / Grafikdesign: Mark Ståhle / Ubersetzung des Originalwerks ins Finnische: Soile Kaukoranta / Deutsche Ubersetzung: Elina Kritzokat / Website und Herstellung: Bastian Salmela


Kristina Frank (Visby,Sweden) ”We are all atoms”, ”Take to the woods”, ”Blanco”, ”Two rabbits part 1”, ”Two rabbits part 2”

Saturday 25.8.

14.00 Galerie TOOLBOX
”Superpositio”- drawing-collage-installation.

The visitors may participate working, continue doing the collective art work. Gallerian seinillä yleisöllä mahdollisuus osallistua kollektiiviseen piirustus/kollaasiin.

Videostudio: Kristina Frank (Visby, Sweden) all day long

17:00 Galerie TOOLBOX and the street in front of gallery:

Performance: Kalle Turakka-Purhonen

Live music: Country band

Sunday 26.8.

20:00 at the park near Galerie TOOLBOX:

Träumende Bäume, second performance, Uneksivat puut -toinen esitys

21:00 Videoart, outdoor screening in front of the gallery:

The X Film Femmes: The Talkies,

Artists: Aino Havu, Ilkka Hautala, Taina Medina, Gabriela Gaia Meirelles, Taimi Nevaluoma, Mortti Saarnia


Soundscapes & Soundportraits 1 | 22.1.2018

Montag / Monday 22 January 2018:  Concert, doors 8pm |

  • Matthias Bauer (contrabass)
  • Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone)
  • Dag Magnus Narvesen (drums)
  • Harri Sjöström (soprano & sopranino saxophone)
  • Phil Wachsmann (violine, electronics)

Live drawings: Lena Czerniawska

Welcome to our Soundscapes & Soundportraits Nr. 1: Live Improvisation, avant-garde, get-together, hear sounds you havn’t heard before in the  intimate atmosphere of Toolbox Finnish-German Art Space Berlin. |

Soundscapes is a project by Harri Sjöström

More infos:

Special Thanks to:

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Burnout Bitches Toolbox Berlin

The Five Stages: Offering | 12.12.2017


Tuesday 12.12.2017 | 18:30 – 19:00

The Five Stages is a wider project initiated by artist duo Burnout Bitches, in which they study the five phases leading to burnout.

Offering is a performance in which the five points of the pentagram star are gradually created, following the evolvement of the five stages of a burnout. Performance, ironically, means both an artistic act or process, and also, an accomplishment of work, feat or obligation. During The Offering, the artists sacrifice themselves for the sake of proving their worth through work.

Kempele will play after Burnout Bitches:


An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen |
On Bank holidays Toolbox is closed


Finissage: Fake Laders
with Mother’s Nerves and
Improvised Sound Piece

Finissage: Fake Laders | Ismo Hyvärinen

Start: 6pm and 7pm

Arja Kärkkäinen, 2016

Sound/video piece, 16:00 min

“Mother’s Nerves is a story told by a mother whose son is planning a suicide. The son
is struggling with the question of justification: why is he there to survive while the
other people should die. Who should die after all? The politically incorrect wish of a
destruction can be discussed from a child’s point of view, from its safe harbor. The
story is based on my own early childhood memory, a remark that I made in the
age of 5. I couldn’t understand why there was simultaneously a discussion about
overpopulation and grief for 100 people dying in an airplane accident. The point,
obviously, was that there should be less people and making people less should be
started from somewhere. Fair, until the roulette chooses someone you love.”

Arja Kärkkäinen is a Helsinki based installation artist who mainly works with video and
spatial installation. Kärkkäinen in her MA studies in the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki.

Start: 8pm

Improvised sound piece with Serge Modular synthesizer

Mika Hyytiä

“The piece will reflect aural and electrical happenings/non-happenings of the space. It aims to fixedly resonate and follow the very present – the ‘NOW’ moment. The outcome can be meditative and/or disorientating, but always mind manifesting.”

Mika Hyytiä is an underground sound artist – musician from Helsinki. Hyytiä’s main instrument is modular synthesizer and over the past 5 years, he has focused on improvisation-based performances around Finland in clubs, art galleries, and festivals. Hyytiä has released limited editions of cassettes and also recordings and releases in collaboration with several artists of highly variant outputs/approaches.


Toolbox – Finnisch-deutscher Projektraum, Koloniestraße 120

Invitation picture

Blind Dates for Improvisers

A group of improvisers based in different cities will gather in Galerie TOOLBOX Berlin to participate in a 2 hours performance. However, they won’t have any idea of who will play with who. No soundcheck, no preplanned line-up! Just a casual encounter among international improvisers will happen on the stage.

Start: Galerie TOOLBOX 15.10.2016 / 7pm

Come along to enjoy and be a witness to these blind dates!

  • Harri Sjöström
  • Klaus Kürvers
  • Leo Lehtinen
  • Rafael Martinez
  • Ivan Babinchak Renqvist
  • Ian Mikyska
  • Ulf Mengersen
  • Davide Piersanti
  • Sergio Castrillón & Elina Nissinen

BLIND DATES FOR IMPROVISERS intends to bring together artists interested in improvisation from various latitudes, backgrounds, and disciplines within different venues and arenas.

This project has been developed by Sergio Castrillón since 2015.


The Circular Valley & Versipellis | 24.8.2016

T h e C i r c u l a r V a l l e y & V e r s i p e l l i s
Performance event

At Galerie Toolbox
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin Wedding
Nearest U-Bahn: Osloer Straße

Date: 24.8. at 19:30-22:00
Performances start at 20:00


H o l l y C h e r n o b y l

Holly Chernobyl has been a working artist for over a decade — her work spanning poetry, storytelling, bunraku puppetry, and movement and performance art. Holly has shown work in Chicago, Seattle, Quebec, Berlin, Brazil, the UK, and NYC. Holly is interested in creating dreamscape environments for her audience, and disrupting the everyday. Public performances are the most exciting for her, “I want to be surprised, too”, Holly says. Her work plays with tension between the beautiful and the grotesque, attraction and repulsion. In 2014, she was honored to be a Featured Artist in the Chicago Artist’s Month festival, and is the recipient of a 2015 DCASE Individual Artist Award, both presented to her by the City of Chicago.


T h e C i r c u l a r V a l l e y
The Circular Valley is inspired by Paul Bowles’ story of the same name, concerning a non-being bound to a space in South America, which inhabits being’s bodies. The Atlájala is curious, and seeks sensation. What happens when the Atlájala tries on human bodies?

“…the floor to this ramshackle civilization that we have built cannot bear much longer our weight. It was Bowles’s genius to suggest the horrors which lie beneath that floor, as fragile, as the sky that shelters us from a devouring vastness.”

This work of dance/theater draws from butoh, belly dance, pop ‘n lock and tutting, and Balinese dance.


Z o e D a r l i n g
Zoe Darling lives and works in Lucerne, Switzerland and comes from London England. Over the last decade she has been involved in numerous exhibitions and performances from experimental music events, collaborative installations, artistic research symposiums, punk-rock tours and other adventures. Her work spans various media but predominantly focuses on movement and performance. She was recently the recipient of the Cité des Arts vis-arts-Atelier grant and will be going to work in Paris for 6 months in 2017.

V e r s i p e l l i s
My current work investigates the relationship between objects and performance. I create small vignettes or scenes using movement, costumes and props. I seek to invent and generate work from a collage of different elements – theoretical, historical and personal – to create work that has a poetic narrative and a theatrical presence.


S a n t e r i V i k s t r ö m
Santeri Vikström is Finnish butoh performer based on Helsinki.
He has been studing butoh in Himalayan butoh
school 2013. He has presented butoh performances all around Europe and India.
His artistic work is research filled with curiosity and its diving into interaction between mystery
of abyss, sense of non-duality and hidden characters in the darkness of body.

E n t e r i n g T h e S p a c e W i t h o u t P a p e r s
Entering the space without papers is a performative experiment based on butoh improvisation. Performance is asking questions without asking anything. It’s showing some papers without having them and its loosing the sense of cultural norms without understanding them in the first place.


+ duet performance Holly Chernobyl & Kulku-Emil


‎ITO – Part 1 | 24.7.2016

Frauke butoh dance performance with
Julia Holzberger 4 channel sound performance

Sunday 24.7. at 8pm
Duration: 45 min

FRAUKE / Caroline Lundblad
Frauke is a choreographer with a focus on butoh and performance. She is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, but also does work internationally.

Julia Holzberger
Composer & Sound Artist
Lives and works in Berlin.

Photo credits: Photo: Mile Nagaoka, Costume: Hiromi Onodera