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Foto KAren Koltermann

The Rock

Karen Koltermann, Installation

In September 2018, Karen Koltermann took part in one of the rare guided tours to Gorham´s Cave complex in Gibraltar as part of her artists’ residency at Lichtenberg Studios. In the Gallery Toolbox, Karen Koltermann will now show the installation “The Rock,” which is based on photos of this exploration.

Sunday 30.07. 2023, 4pm
Chornobyl Dreams Symposium:
conversations on photography, borders, landscape
, and
imagination | read more

Opening: 28.07.2023, 7pm

Mi–Sa 15–19 Uhr

Toolbox Kabinett


Photo and sound landscape collage of the changes in urban space as experienced from Pasila’s cell tower

The idea for the Torni image and sound collage started when I was a deputy city councillor in the Helsinki city council and a member of the city’s equality committee. At that time, I strongly realised how many things should be considered when building, space, light, sustainability of the surrounding urban nature, movement of different people of different ages, and much more.
From Pasila’s cell tower, you could clearly see the gradual but constantly increasing construction of the environment, and the change of the landscape in different seasons of the year. In addition to photography, we also got permission to install pinhole cameras in the tower, pointing at the sun and the landscape.

Solargraphy is the art of long-exposure photography that captures the image of the sun’s path across the sky. The path is invisible to the human eye, and it is also different in each place on Earth.
When you look at the landscape from the tower, you must be very alert; so many things are constantly changing in the events of the earth and sky. The cell phone camera does not lift or magnify, it shows everything roughly as the human eye sees it from the tower.

When you sat in your kitchen having breakfast in the old Pasila, you saw a lot of green, you could follow the events in the yard and the birds playing. Now, in many new houses, the situation is already such that you can see the wall of the neighbouring house very close, and you can observe what the neighbours are spreading on their toast this morning.

In the Torni collage, we have included pictures taken with very different photographic equipment and with equipment of different levels, without fear of jaggedness. One purpose of the work is to encourage people to record their surroundings in pictures, even if they don’t own any luxury equipment. And that’s what many people do nowadays; the digital age makes a lot possible. Someone takes pictures of the forest they know all year round; someone photographs the birdhouse in the yard, someone takes pictures of their every morning swimming spot through summers and winters.

The collage is also the mind’s journey to the landscape. While the camera follows the changing urban space, the soundscapes, solargraphs, and music recorded on the spot create space for the mind to wander.

You can also look at the collage, trying to spot what disappears and what replaces it.

Tiina Harpf – script, speech, soundscapes, photos, installation of pinhole cameras
Tiina Hihnavaara – script, photo editing
Kimmo Roine, Tiina Harpf – installation of pinhole cameras
Mikko H. Haapoja – music (bowed lyre, keyed fiddle), video editing, sound design*
Orders and more information:

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed– Sat 3–7pm
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Mika KArhu, Toolbox

Mindless obedience is the worst crime 01.–23.07.2023

Drawing installation:

Stumpfsinniger Gehorsam ist das schlimmste Verbrechen

Artists: Sampsa Indrén, Finland, Henrik Jacob, Germany, Mika Karhu, Finland

Opening: 28.06.2023, 7pm

Mi–Sa 15–19 Uhr

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed– Sat 3–7pm
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Tiia Matikainen

Root Tales 28.05.–24.06.2023

Tiia Matikainen (Finnland)


Toolbox Kabinett: Anna-Maria Balov (Berlin)


Opening: May , 26, 7pm

Opening hours: Wed–Sat 3–7pm

Tiia Matikainen

A human figure shrouded in a protective web of plants and soil is at the core of Tiia Matikainen’s latest sculptures. Forms of roots and sand dunes sculpt on clay surface assume the form of strange woodland inhabitants. For the artist these sculptures are guardian figures, a protective layer between human and the surrounding world.

The forest and Finnish mythology related to that are important inspirations for the artistic work of Matikainen. One of the most interesting is the idea of being hidden by the forest. Spirits may lure those moving about there, to become lost in an absurd world and vanish from the view of others.

Being hidden by the forest represents not only fear but also security and connection to nature, for the forest and its flora protect us and all life on our planet.
– To be one with the forest so that finally you feel that you have been lost in its depths.
Tiia Matikainen (b. 1975, Kitee, Finland) is a sculptor and ceramics artist. She completed The Master of Arts degree at University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2002, and presently lives and works in Mänttä.

Further information:


Annamaria Balov

Annamaria Balov nähert sich in ihrer Ausstellung „intmimate spaces“ dem Thema intergenerationelles Trauma an. Inspiriert von der Architektur und Ästhetik der 1970er Jahre in (Süd-)Osteuropa, begann die Künstlerin unterschiedliche Motive – darunter Plattenbauten, zu replizieren, indem sie Holzschnitte anfertigte und diese zum Drucken verwendete. Durch die gewählte Acrylfarbe verhielten sich die Linien unbeständig und der Prozess des Replizierens trat in den Vordergrund. Diese Vorgehensweise spiegelt sich auch in den Malereien der Künstlerin wider: So malte sie Badezimmer und Toiletten aus der Erinnerung an Kindheitstage in Nordmazedonien, dem Heimatland ihrer Familie väterlicherseits.

Die Produktion unbeständiger Replikate, das Malen nach allmählich verblassenden Erinnerungen – mit diesen Methoden ergründet Annamaria Balov die Frage, in welcher Form die Spuren vergangener Generationen sich wandeln, verebben und Menschen in der Gegenwart beeinflussen. In der Ausstellung „intimate spaces“ präsentiert Annamaria Balov verschiedene Holzdrucke, Zeichnungen und Malereien mit experimentellen, grafischen, malerischen und illustrativen Elementen.

Annamaria Balov ist eine Berliner Künstlerin, Zeichnerin und Webdesignerin. Als Tochter des verstorbenen Künstlers und Projektraumleiters Jovan Balov war sie oft an der Projektdurchführung verschiendener Veranstaltungen im Prima Center Berlin beteiligt. 2021 realisierte sie im Prima Center Berlin ihre erste Einzelausstellung “ME”, 2018 beteiligte sie sich an der Gruppenausstellung “Man up – Man Down” zum Thema Männlichkeitsbilder.


Annamaria Balov approaches the theme of intergenerational trauma in her exhibition “intmimate spaces”. Inspired by the architecture and aesthetics of 1970s (South) Eastern Europe, the artist began to replicate different motifs – including prefabricated buildings – by making woodcuts and using them for printing. Due to the acrylic paint chosen, the lines behaved unsteadily and the process of replication came to the fore. This approach is also reflected in the artist’s paintings: she painted bathrooms and toilets from memories of childhood days in northern Macedonia, the homeland of her paternal family.

The production of impermanent replicas, painting from gradually fading memories – with these methods Annamaria Balov explores the question of how the traces of past generations change, ebb away and influence people in the present. In the exhibition “intimate spaces” Annamaria Balov presents various wood prints, drawings and paintings with experimental, graphic, painterly and illustrative elements.

Annamaria Balov is a Berlin-based artist, draughtswoman and web designer. As the daughter of the late artist and project space director Jovan Balov, she was often involved in the project implementation of various events at Prima Center Berlin. In 2021 she realised her first solo exhibition “ME” at Prima Center Berlin, in 2018 she participated in the group exhibition “Man up – Man Down” on the topic of images of masculinity.

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed– Sat 3–7pm
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Pilvi Ojala Artwork with skeletton

Before and After

Pilvi Ojala (Finnland)

Painting, collage, installation

Toolbox Kabinett: Jakob Roepke (Berlin)


Opening: April, 28, 7pm

Opening hours: Wed–Sat 3–7pm

Pilvi Ojala

My interest is how things are installed. For example, stage design, illusions, artificial and “authentic” are themes that intrigue my mind. In addition to that I am as well interested in museums. Such as art museums, historical museums and biological, scientific, theatre and movie museums, not to forget the museums that show any kind of curiosities.

As a person I am curious. As an Artist I shift from technique and media to another which might seem to be a disability to concentrate. I paint, I draw, I make animation and I build three-dimensional works. Although for me the basic motive as an artis is to collect all kinds of visual material, to edit it and to compose a visual piece of art. I am like a collector who observes, discovers, and digests the world around me.

For me Art is a medium to combine various interests of mine and therefore a way to create a kind of personal Wunderkammer. It is a way to express myself and an attempt to try to place myself in the World and to try to understand it.

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed– Sat 3–7pm
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Antero Kahila

Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others

Antero Kahila, visual artist
Kirsi Poutanen, poet-musician

painting, sound installation

Toolbox Kabinett: Kata Unger, Berlin

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Welcome to our opening on Friday, March 31, on 7pm

Opening times: Wed– Sat 15–19
Kolonie weekend: Fri 31. 03 2023: 19–22 ,  Sun 02. 04. 2023;  14–18

Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others is the second multidisciplinary collaboration for Galerie Toolbox by visual artist Antero Kahila and musician-poet Kirsi Poutanen. In their previous project the couple explored the experience of meaning and its possibility for the contemporary individual. This time their themes are insecurity, disintegration and loneliness. Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others consists of a two-channel sound installation by Poutanen and thematically linked paintings of clothes and faces by Kahila.

Antero Kahila is an acclaimed and award-winning visual artist and painter from Finland. The recurring thematic focus in his most recent paintings is on humanity and the human condition, which is explored through the depiction of skin, bodies, faces, fabrics, clothes and membranes. These elements tend to appear as interfaces between the identifying subject and the world, between the subject and the other. The space in Kahila’s paintings is often a kind of reduced stage that permits the depiction of the desired function, gesture or act. Humanity as seen in Kahila’s art is often fragile, vulnerable yet tuned to consciousness in a highly distinctive way.

Kirsi Poutanen is an all-round artist and well-known singer, musician and poet based in Finland. She has also featured on stage as an actress, performer and scriptwriter. Poutanen constructed her sound installation by closely attuning her creative work to Kahila’s process of painting. Her installation aims to reflect the thematic world of the paintings while resonating as an independent audio image in the gallery.

Kahila and Poutanen’s Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others is a complex and multi-sensory project that can be viewed from many perspectives that deals with the topics insecurity, fear of disintegration, and loneliness.

Artwork: Rose Garden, 2023, Antero Kahila, oil on cotton, 270 x 200 cm


Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others

[Kleidung von Fremden, Gesichter von Anderen]

Antero Kahila, Bildender Künstler
Kirsi Poutanen, Dichterin-Musikerin

Malerei, Soundinstallation

Toolbox Kabinett: Kata Unger, Berlin

Herzliche Einladung zur Eröffnung am  Freitag, 31.  März um 19 Uhr

Öffnungszeiten: Mi,  Fr , Sa 15–19 Uhr und Do 16–20 Uhr
Kolonie-Wochenende: Fr 31. 03. 2023: 19–22 Uhr ,  So 02. 04. 2023;  14–18 Uhr

Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others ist die zweite multidisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit des bildenden Künstlers Antero Kahila und der Dichterin-Musikerin Kirsi Poutanen für die Galerie Toolbox. Ihr voriges Projekt beschäftigte sich damit, wie das zeitgenössische Individuum Bedeutung erfährt und welche Möglichkeiten sich dadurch eröffnen. In der neuen Arbeit sind die Themen Unsicherheit, Desintegration und Einsamkeit. Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others besteht aus einer 2-Kanal-Soundinstallation von Poutanen und Kahilas thematisch Bezug nehmenden Gemälden von Kleidung und Gesichtern.

Antero Kahila ist ein anerkannter und preisgekrönter bildender Künstler und Maler aus Finnland. Der thematische Schwerpunkt seiner jüngsten Bilder liegt auf dem Menschsein und dem menschlichen Zustand, dem er sich in der Darstellung von Haut, Körpern, Gesichtern, Textilien, Kleidung und Membranen nähert. Diese Elemente fungieren als Schnittstellen zwischen dem identitätsbildenden Subjekt und der Welt, zwischen dem Subjekt und dem Anderen. Der Raum in Kahilas Gemälden ist oft eine Art reduzierter Bühne, die die Abbildung der gewünschten Funktion, Geste oder Handlung erlaubt. Die Menschheit, wie sie in Kahilas Kunst erscheint, ist oft zerbrechlich, verletzlich, dabei aber in einer sehr distinkten Weise auf Bewusstheit ausgerichtet.

Kirsi Poutanen ist eine sehr vielseitige Künstlerin und bekannte Sängerin, Musikerin und Dichterin aus Finnland. Sie hat auch als Schauspielerin und Performerin sowie als Skriptschreiberin für die Bühne gewirkt. Poutanen hat ihre Soundinstallation entwickelt, indem sie ihre kreative Arbeit eng auf Kahilas Malprozess abgestimmt hat. Die Installation spiegelt die thematische Welt der Gemälde wider, während sie auch als eigenständiges Klangbild im Galerieraum zu hören ist.

Kahilas und Poutanens Clothes of Strangers, Faces of Others ist ein komplexes und mit verschiedenen Sinnen zu erfahrendes Projekt, das unter vielen Gesichtspunkten betrachtet werden kann, darunter Unsicherheit, Angst vor dem Ausgeschlossenwerden und Einsamkeit.

Abb.: Rose Garden, 2023, Antero Kahila, Öl auf Baumwolle, 270 x 200 cm

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed, Fri-Sat 15-19, Thu 16-20
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Painting Kimi Somervuori

A Horse With A Name

Kim Somervuori (Fi)

Malerei / Zeichnung | painting / drawing

Toolbox Kabinett: Ute Lindner (Berlin)

Welcome to our opening on Friday, Februar 24, on 7pm

Opening times: Wed,  Fri. , Sat 15–19 and  Thu 16–20 Uhr
Kolonie weekend:   Fri: 19–22 ,  Sun: 14–18

Find attached the Kolonieflyer with all open spaces on the Kolonie Weekend

Kim Somervuori (b. 1975) represents his own unique style, swimming against the current of contemporary Finnish painting. The themes of his artwork draws widely from art and culture; alongside Modernist history of painting, there is a presence of both classic Western poetry and alternative hits of popular music. His gritty painting style has been honed to perfection. The strokes are skilful, as if they were made effortlessly. The composition falls into place as if by itself. And yet, everything is carefully crafted: The materials and handiwork are present. They are not hidden but they are still discreet. The artwork can be viewed without being aware of the presence of the artist. Consequently, Somervuori doesn’t charge his paintings with angst, doesn’t delve in action painting nor aestheticizes by reduction. The mainly good-humoured artworks rife with cultural references are rich and thoughtfully painted. The titles of the artworks matter, should the viewer want to find context offered by the artist, but this is by no means necessary. The weave of visual elements is sure to offer something for everyone.

Curator and gallerist Veikko Halmetoja has been working with Kim Somervuori for already a decade. Somervuori has held four solo exhibitions at Halmetoja’s gallery, but the collaboration between the curator and the artist has also proved fruitful in other exhibitions and projects. Somervuori’s exhibition at Toolbox is his first solo exhibition in Berlin. It has been organized by the artist in collaboration with Gallery Halmetoja.

Kim Somervuori’s art has been acquired in numerous significant Finnish art collections. The largest series of Somervuori’s artworks can be found in Kiasma, in the collection donated by Seppo Fränti to the Finnish National Gallery. Somervuori has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki after previous art studies in Stockholm.

Photo artwork

Kimi Somervuori, Crysis, 2023
acrylics, ink on canvas
30 x 25 cm

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed, Fri-Sat 15-19, Thu 16-20
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soundscapes 32

Concert: soundscapes 32 | 22.02.2023

Concert: Soundscapes 32
Wed 22. Februar 2023

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg voice
Lawrence Casserley Signal Processing Instruments
Guilherme Rodrigues Cello
Harri Sjöström Sopran- und Sopraninosaxofon

Eintritt auf Spendenbasis | on donation
Einlass | doors: 19.30 Uhr, start 20 Uhr
Koloniestraße 120 | 13359 Berlin

Heimo Suntion

Circle of Reduction and Small Monuments | 27.01–18.02.2023

Heimo Suntio

Sculptures and installations

Toolbox Kabinett: Stefan Roigk, Berlin

Opening: Friday, 27 January 2023, 7pm

Open (Kolonie Wedding weekend) on Sunday 29 January 2023, fron 2–6pm

Heimo Suntio

Some of my works are based on older works of art, in this exhibition 1. Hokusai 2. Leonardo 3. Hugo Simberg. I make sculptures based on these older works and, from the two-dimensional images, transform them back into three-dimensional works. Before photography, it was incredibly laborious to make images of objects, transformations from three-dimensionality to two-dimensionality, on which ability the value of art is mostly based. Sometimes I call my works as small monuments, as with the sculpture of the writer David Foster Wallace, who hanged himself. In a way, my works are quite traditional, in the sense of a modernity after the death of history. I call this the circle of reduction.

In Finland works by the artist are in many private and public collections, Kiasma contemporary, HAM, Wihuri collections and works  have been exhibited for example in Japan, Chile, Germany, Denmark and Norway.


Einige meiner Werke basieren auf älteren Kunstwerken, in dieser Ausstellung 1. Hokusai 2. Leonardo 3. Hugo Simberg. Ich mache Skulpturen, die auf diesen älteren Werken basieren, und verwandle sie von den mir vorliegenden zweidimensionalen Abbildungen in dreidimensionale Werke zurück. Vor dem Fotografieren war es unheimlich aufwendig, handgemachte Bilder von Objekten, Transformationen aus der Dreidimensionalität in die Zweidimensionalität zu machen, auf welcher Fähigkeit der Wert der Kunst meistens beruht. Manchmal bezeichne ich meine Arbeiten als kleine Denkmale, wie zum Beispiel bei der Skulptur des Schriftstellers David Foster Wallace, der sich erhängt hat. In einer Weise sind meine Werke ziemlich tradtionell, im Sinne einer Moderne nach dem Tod der Geschichte. Ich nenne das den Kreis der Reduktion.

CV: In Finnland befinden sich Werke des Künstlers in vielen privaten und öffentlichen Sammlungen, z. B. im Kiasma contemporary, HAM und Wihuri. Werke von Heimo Sunito wurden unter anderem in Japan, Chile, Deutschland, Dänemark und Norwegen ausgestellt.

Artwork: Death scates again, 2020,
based on Hugo Simbergs graphic work Death skates, pronze and whistle pipe, 35 cm high

Stefan Roigk

Musikalische Grafik 2019

Stefan Roigk (*1974) works with the intermedial interweaving of abstract sound collages, installations, drawings and text-sound compositions. Sound as an artistic-aesthetic field of research is the starting point as well as the central medium of his works.
His artistic focus lies on the dynamic staging of context-related fragments of everyday life, which he transforms into narrative-like, stage-like spatial compositions in the sense of visual music. In his work, he reflects on his own living and production conditions, examines the political potential of aurality and traces the subjective construction of reality.

Further informations:

Stefan Roigk (*1974) arbeitet mit der intermedialen Verschränkung abstrakter Klangcollagen, Installationen, Zeichnungen und Text-Sound-Kompositionen. Dabei ist das Geräusch als künstlerisch-ästhetisches Forschungsfeld der Ausgangspunkt wie auch das zentrale Medium seiner Arbeiten.
Sein künstlerischer Fokus liegt auf der dynamischen Inszenierung kontextbezogener Alltagsfragmente, die er im Sinne der Visuellen Musik als narrativ anmutende, bühnenartige Raumkompositionen umsetzt. In seinem Werk reflektiert er die eigenen Lebens- und Produktionsbedingungen, untersucht das politische Potenzial der Auralität und spürt der subjektiven Konstruktion von Realität nach.

Weitere Informationen unter:

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed, Fri-Sat 15-19, Thu 16-20
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Finissage Toolbox Art Space

Finissage Deliver from Evil

You are warmly welcome to celebrate the finissage of our last exhibition this year, “Deliver from Evil” by @ilkkasariola and @ahorn814 , on this Friday 25th of November (19:00)!

At 19:30 we have a performance by widely celebrated performance artist Pavel Semchenko @pxe74 . After this, get ready to experience live music by duo Catherine Lorent @studiocatherinelorent & Tom Früchtl @tom_fruechtl (GUITAR AXE DOOM).

So come and spend the cold and dark Friday evening with us enjoying good art, drinks and pleasant company!

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drawing Ilkka Sariola

Deliver from Evil |

Ilkka Sariola, drawings

Kabinett: Alexander Horn

Opening: Fri, 28.10.2022, 7pm

Exhibition: 28.10.–19.11.2022

Open on 30.10.2022 (Kolonie Wedding weekend): 2–6pm
Download Kolonie Wedding Flyer 10, 2022

Artwork: Ilkka Sariola, Neverland, pencil and graphite on paper, 150×115 cm

Galerie/Projektraum TOOLBOX
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin-Wedding
U-Bahn Osloerstraße

Wed, Fri-Sat 15-19, Thu 16-20
An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen
On Bank holidays Toolbox is closed