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Blind Dates for Improvisers

A group of improvisers based in different cities will gather in Galerie TOOLBOX Berlin to participate in a 2 hours performance. However, they won’t have any idea of who will play with who. No soundcheck, no preplanned line-up! Just a casual encounter among international improvisers will happen on the stage.

Start: Galerie TOOLBOX 15.10.2016 / 7pm

Come along to enjoy and be a witness to these blind dates!

  • Harri Sjöström
  • Klaus Kürvers
  • Leo Lehtinen
  • Rafael Martinez
  • Ivan Babinchak Renqvist
  • Ian Mikyska
  • Ulf Mengersen
  • Davide Piersanti
  • Sergio Castrillón & Elina Nissinen

BLIND DATES FOR IMPROVISERS intends to bring together artists interested in improvisation from various latitudes, backgrounds, and disciplines within different venues and arenas.

This project has been developed by Sergio Castrillón since 2015.

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KAIKU DUO is a traveling ensemble based on free improvisation.

Dienstag, 20. September 19:00 – 20:30

Since 2014 the duo has actively performed in Europe within different venues ranging from art galleries to the streets.
One of the main concerns of KAIKU DUO is to create a direct communication with the audience not only through their special sonic approach but also with their physical presence in the space.

Come along and be part of the experience!


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Sound Scapes Concert Nr. 14 | 29.9.2016

Improvisation-Concert Series Nr. 14

Donnerstag, 29. September 2016, 20 Uhr

Warmly welcome to our next concert with


Matthias Bauer | Kontrabass (Deutschland)
Emilio Gordoa | Vibrafon (Mexiko)
Mazen Kerbaj  | Trompete (Libanon)
Harri Sjöström | Sopran & Sopranino Sax (Finnland)

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Sound Scapes 12 | 28.4.2016

Sound Scapes Nr. 12

| Do, 28. April 2016, 20 Uhr
im Club der Polnischen Versager (Concert is not in Toolbox Gallery)

  • Lawrence Casserley | Signal Processing Instrument (UK)
  • DJ Illvibe |  turn tables
  • Jeffrey Morgan | alto clarinette (US)
  • Harri Sjöström | soprano & sopranino saxophone

Sound Scapes Series

„Sound Scapes“ concerts in Toolbox


  • Tool box first opening:Kalle Kalima-Harri Sjöström –duo.
  • sound scapes nr 1: Harri Sjöström –Soprano saxophone –solo, (Kenneth Weckmann opening)
  • sound scapes nr 2: Matthias Bauer-double bass (Germany), Tony Buck-drums (Australia), Harri Sjöström- soprano saxophone (Finn, Berlin)
  • sound scapes nr 3: Alison Blunt-violine (England), Gianni Mimmo-sopranos sxophone (Italy), Ignaz Schick-electronics/ turntables, Germany, Harri Sjöström-sopranos &sopranino saxophones.


  • sound scapes nr 4: Teppo Hauta-aho-double bass (Finn), Veli Kujala-accordion (Finn), Steve Heather- drums/ percussion, Australia, Markus Pesonen-gitar/ electronics.(Finn), Harri Sjöström-soprano&sopranino saxophone.
  • sound scapes nr 5: Axel Dörner-trumpet (Germany), Tobias Delius-tenor saxophone &clarinet ( holland), Frank Gratkowski-bass clarinet, alto saxophone ( germany), Harri Sjöström-soprano & sopranino saxophone.
  • sound scapes nr. 6: Matthias Bauer-double bass (Germany), Antonio Borgini-double bass ( Italy), Tony Buck-drums ( Australia), Gianni Mimmo-soprano saxophone ( Italy), Harri Sjöström- soprano&sopranino saxophone
  • sound scapes nr.7: Joel Grip-double bass (Sweden), Floros Floridis-bass clarinett, clarinet ( Greece), Veli Kujala-accordion( Finn), Tristan Hoinsinger- cello (USA), Willi Kellers-drums (Germany), Harri Sjöström-soprano& sopranino saxophone.