invitation Niina Räty

Niina Räty

Exhibition opening 2nd of August at 18 o’clock.

Niina Räty painting

Niina Räty: At the Beach, Tero
 2008, 2013,  Oil on linen

“I mostly paint large multi-part series of works.”

I create my own photo album via painting, depicting close people and places as seen through my own experiences. I seek the things that life and existence attach to. I choose a situation or a space that is private and universal like a family gathering, holiday in a summer cottage or a plate on a kitchen table. In my paintings, just like in front of a camera there is a composition; a wedding couple just like other wedding couples around the world, a tourist in front of a local sight forms a picture – a composition that we all are familiar with from our own holiday photos.

We try to capture important moments in our own album and as we take the pictures they represent the form of the event. Compositions using this formula illustrate our own life story. Perhaps through these mechanics of social and spatial being we have a fleeting chance of understanding other people.”