Silenced Ears

Mika Karhu | Installation
Matti Pusa | Faces, Videoscreen
Students Filmmaking from Aalto University FI |  Videostudio

Toolbox – Finnisch-Deutscher Projektraum, Koloniestraße 120

Vernissage: Freitag 27. Mai um 19 Uhr,  Improvisation von Harri Sjöström (saxophon)
Öffnungszeiten Kolonie-Wochenende: So. 29. Mai von 14–18 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 27. Mai bis 18. Juni 2016 | Öffnungszeiten Di–Sa 14–18 Uhr

An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen | On Bank holidays Toolbox is closed

Sun perishes under our feet.
Water presses against our coating,
inscribing autochthonous inner etchings.

Flowing rays eradicate our eyes.
We are suspended in our skins
as ahistorical nocturnal animals.

We lie to the liars.

Blinded perpetual emotion swallowers. Growing anger in the flesh obtainable everywhere.

Europe in a vacuum.
Calculated existence in empty handed capitalism.

Our sight blocked by shadows of the loved ones.

Into the night.

Infinity of selfishness.
Bricked windows and doors.

Berlin’s loneliness.