Tecla Gato

Tecla Gato feat. Hui-Chun Lin
12.1 at 8.30pm

Tecla Gato is formed by musicians from different generations of the improv scene in Buenos Aires. The concept suggested by their improvisations proposes the mixture of acoustic instruments with the addition of sound objects, electronics and processed voices. They often utilize in their performances graphic scores of their own creation as a blueprint for improvisations.

In this trio’s sound pursuit, the organic and the electronic blend together revealing textures where mutant, amorphous landscapes are suggested, that evoke an almost lovecraftian cosmology, creating kaleidoscopic moments and oneiric sensations.
Hue-Chun Lin is a cellist invited to perform with Tecla Gato.

Gustavo Obligado: sax, electronics, voices.
Caro Tierhs: violin, objects.
Pablo Vazquez: bass, electronics, voices.
Hui-Chun Lin: cello

Concert starts at 8.30pm. Duration of the concert will be approximately 40 minutes.