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ZINE WORKSHOP | 21.03.2019

Time: 15:00–18:45 on 21.03.2019

Hey, you, creative! Would you like to find a form for your little manifesto? Or collage? Maybe you want to tell an original story, or make something educating?

Zines are an excellent low-bar way to publish your poetry, comics – or even a polaroid collection. They can work as flyers as well as a piece of art. In the workshop we give instructions on how to make a zine from only one printer paper – no stapler needed!

In this workshop the point is to let the imagination flow and to connect, talk and make zines with like-minded creatives. There is no age limit or any drawing or writing skills required.

The workshop is led by comic artist Siiri Viljakka. We provide the required materials for the workshop, but you can take pencils etc. of your own with you.

The material cost of workshop is 2 euros per person. The language of the workshop is English. There is a limited workspace for attenders, so first come & first serve!

The workshop’s address:

Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin Wedding

(Closest U-Bahn: Osloer Straße)

Hope to see you here!


Hexenbesen – Whitches´ Broom

Heli Ryhänen

Welcome: Vernissage / Opening: Friday / Freitag 29.03.2019, 7pm |

Open on Sunday 31.03.2019 from 2-6pm

Ausstellungsdauer / Exhibition open: 30 March – 20 April 2019 |
Öffnungszeiten/ Opening hours: Wed-Sa 3-7pm |

An Feiertagen ist die Toolbox geschlossen
On Bank holidays Toolbox is closed

I am interested in putting into visual form subjects involving humanity: various situations in life, problem solving abilities or inabilities, attitudes to oneself, towards other people and other species. Not to mention body language, non-verbal communication and the subconscious. Emotions, joys and sorrows alike, come across from the body in many ways. Perhaps this is the reason why I have chosen human shape as a basis of my works.

In the exhibition the humanity is both present and absent in my works. Plants, mice and parts of human body interlock. The works are linked into the ephemeral qualities of life and the cycles of nature. Decaying body feeds another living creature, which in turn fades and gives birth to something new.

In the airborne work ”Witches´ Broom” a mother mouse is climbing a chain. Weather beaten plants are bare with only few leaves. Mice and other rodents are survivors. They endure also the ultimate hardships, even beyond the human existence.

photo:Luz Scherwinsk

Taking a line for a walk
Performance 23.03.2019

Performance and Finissage

Adaptation of Amy J. Klement’s performance in public space of the same name. Absurd overheard dialogue performed with live improvised music.

With Amy J. Klement, Marion Ruault, Leander Reininghaus, Anaïs Poulet

More information on the artists:
Marion Ruault plays doublebass,
Leander Reininghaus loops guitar,
Amy J. Klement
Anaïs Poulet

Approx. length: 30 minutes

Herzlich willkommen!

*Photo credit: Luz Scherwinski*

Galerie Toolbox
Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin